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A little creativity, patience and perseverance will help you get your children to eat healthy food. It’s not surprising that children are notoriously picky eaters. Children will eat unhealthy food if it is acceptable. However, this should not be the case all the time. By teaching children healthy eating habits, now is the best time for them to develop a solid foundation in nutrition. Healthy food for children is made up of many food combinations of all four major food categories. As long as you’re able to balance all food groups – dairy protein, meat protein fruits vegetables, and grains – you’re good. Here are some useful tips for getting you started. Introduce new foods flavors one step at time You shouldn’t let your children fall into a routine. It is best to not give your children the same food over and above.

Start by reading or browsing through cookbooks, magazines, and even the internet for recipe ideas. Each week, people will discover new flavor combinations, pairings, recipes and other culinary delights to pair with their favorite foods. You can start with vegetables. Start by cutting new vegetables. Then, add them to your favorite dish, such as soup, omelet or casserole. Make sure you keep it interesting by adding new ways to cook veggies to your favorite meals each week. Participate Your Children in Food Preparation Take your kids with to the supermarket and encourage them each to select their own fruits and vegetables. Invite your children along to help you cook healthy food for kids.

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The task is not too difficult. You can ask your kids to help cook the soup, wash the vegetables, and make fresh pasta at their home. This is a great opportunity to let your kids enjoy the process of cooking and learn basic cooking skills. Studies have shown that children eat more of the food they prepare. Do not eliminate desserts completely or high-fat foods. Moderation is the key to eating healthy food for children. There’s no need to restrict ice creams or fries in your kids’ diet. This will only lead to more kids wanting these foods. All you have to do is ensure they know what’s healthy and harmful for them. There are occasions when sugary treats or oily foods can be enjoyed. Learn how to portion control these foods and find healthier options that will still allow you to enjoy the same flavours without compromising your nutritional value. Get creative with plating, serving and presentation We all know the tricks that children use to get at colors and visuals. The same principle applies to food. You should offer them as many color choices as possible. You could even create art pieces from their fruits, vegetables. Invite them to come along and help you make the most visually appealing dishes. Vegetables are already colorful. You only need to have some imagination when serving and plating.

Children love dips. Create a delicious and low-fat veggie dip that will tempt them to eat their fruits and greens. Do not force your children into eating their vegetables. Contrary popular belief, bribing children not to eat their vegetables is more harmful than beneficial. Do not bargain for your children with sugary treats after they eat vegetables. These will only reinforce negative food stereotypes that vegetables are required and desserts as fun and delicious rewards. These negative associations often carry with them into adulthood. Allow them to have one bite. Keep going. They might not immediately like it, but that doesn’t mean they will forever hate it. Be a rolemodel for healthy eating.

This is an essential aspect of teaching your children how to eat healthily. As they will likely remember their parents’ healthy eating habits and words, set a good example. Allow them to see what is missing. You should eat your fruits, vegetables and let them know how healthy and delicious they are. You can act out if you like.

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